27 March 2015

Brave At Heart...

At last, I'm back to blogging, creativity and social media once more, after a very long break due to some rather unforeseen changes in my life, which took me away from my creativity for too long and which demanded that I put my attention into other areas of my world. I feel like a different person, writing this now, my priorities have changed as well as my perspective on life, so it will be interesting to see how things unfold this year...the painting below is about that knowingness, that you need to move forward and start again but it feels scary, but at the same time completely necessary and wonderful...it takes courage to let go and  discover who you are now...it's a beautiful, messy, complicated process...life!

'Brave At Heart'
A new-ish painting

A new interest that has developed, or rather, returned, is filofaxing...as a lover of all things stationery, it was only a matter of time before I found myself collecting things and organising my new life in a filofax...or 3...strictly an A5 size girl myself, (ok, there may be a vintage pink mini malden acting as my purse and a purple pocket malden as my business filo) I have lots to share about how I set them up and how I use them for creative stuff as well as organising my world...fun! Do you love to organise?

A5 patent pink Domino
- perfect for art as it wipes clean!

My darling girl, Izzy aka 'The Pie' will be 4 this spring...how time flies when you're having fun...and lots of big sleeps too! As a lurcher, she does like to sleep...it's still too cold here to go without pj's...

Izzy grabbing a nap

I hear our tawny owls hooting outside as I'm finishing this quick post, we are blessed with many owls in our rural neighbourhood, including a pair of little owls that come around calling every day, we hear them but don't see them often, but knowing they're there is good enough...living in the middle of nature is a true and constant strength and support for me...this week our hedgehog is awake from hibernation in the garden and there are a few delicate blossoms opening on the cherry tree by the kitchen door...how's the weather where you are? Is spring on it's way for you?

I hope to be posting more regularly now and hope you will visit again soon. I also hope that all is well for you and that you have a wonderful week...here's to new beginnings!