27 May 2013

Tell Your Story {new painting}

Have you ever really told your story? Perhaps you've shared parts of it...or adapted it to fit in, to be loved, or to be accepted? It takes great courage and much bravery to tell your story...the honest, unabridged, beautiful mess that is a real true life story ♥ 

'Tell Your Story'  mixed media on canvas

When we accept ourselves fully and deeply for who we really are, I believe it is only then that we can truly tell our stories, because then, we are on our own side and it matters much less what other people think...there is great power in telling our story and first, we must tell it to ourselves...and we must listen, with an open heart ♥

Apple blossom is so many shades of pink!

I find that nature is always a good place to start...with everything, be it getting to the bottom of feelings, gaining inspiration for creativity or just getting back in touch with our own natural rhythms again...nature just does it's thing, it blossoms like this beautiful apple tree pictured above, growing by the side of the road, probably from a discarded apple core, tossed from a passing car many moons ago...we must learn to do our thing too...it doesn't matter where we start because the most important part of our story is the next chapter...and spending time outside helps me to think about how I want my story to go...after all, we are in the middle of our stories, or more accurately, amidst our stories, regardless of age or circumstance...

 The only flower my camelia produced this year...so perfect ♥

Even if, like my camelia, pictured above, (that was only able to produce one flower this spring), things don't go as planned or hoped, we can still choose to see our story from a place of love...to see the good, to change our perspective and allow room for something different to form in the next chapter...I'm sure I appreciated this flower all the more because it was the only one. So, tell your story how it was and how you want it to be...there is great power in storytelling ♥ I hope you have a beautiful week...

20 May 2013


Opening one's heart requires strength, courage and trust...it is a necessary leap of faith that if done moment by moment, time and again, transforms the world...both our own personal world and the world at large.

8x10" mixed media on paper

This painting is about my own process of opening up, of trusting...trusting all of it: myself, life, others...more and more. Putting my art out into the world takes great courage, it's all very different from looking at it at home! I chose to use pieces of an old map purposely in this painting...it's a map of the West country (UK) a place I'd like to live someday and somewhere I've explored and connected with deeply many times...I'm finding that opening is a continual inner journey of similar exploration...there is much beauty and wonder to experience...♥

I have painted several of these 'word heart' paintings now and will share them over the coming weeks, each has it's own word, like an affirmation to read and aspire to, to know and to hold inside our hearts...I hope you like them :)

The beautiful magnolia trees

I've always connected strongly with nature, it's rhythms, patterns and beauty lead me to trusting it's power...be they strapping trees or delicate blooms, they stay true to themselves, never comparing, judging or shaming one another for their different ways of living, growing and expressing themselves, instead, staying true to themselves, they bloom...they are all in harmony together...we can learn a lot from nature ♥

My beloved prismas!

When I'm not painting or wombling about in nature, I like taking pictures of my things...I love my materials, and feel very appreciative of them, be it my pencils (love my prismas) paper stacks or paints...they all seem like friends on hand, ready to manifest the next surprising creation, which often seems to take on a life of it's own in it's unfolding...leaving me to be but a witness to the process once again!

Sunset over the garden gate...

We have finally re-connected with our garden this weekend and it was wonderful to discover all of the beautiful flowers and trees coming into flower and leaf...having a tidy up out there felt very good...on the odd good weather days over the last couple of months, we have chosen to go out and visit beautiful gardens and now it feels good to be tending to our own...I feel a trip to the nursery coming on...

13 May 2013

Find beauty in the little things {new painting}

This last week has been full...lots of wonderful happenings, events and creativity...I painted this picture below...she turned into quite the retro girl, with lots of happy colours...I used paint, pencils and paper, I'm always on the look out for paper stacks going cheap and I now have 2 drawers full! Oh, how lovely! Just having it makes me happy :)

'Find beauty in the little things'  8 x 8" mixed media on canvas

Our trip to some local gardens last weekend (we had a long bank holiday weekend here in the UK) really gave me lots of inspiration, there were some beautiful flowers, the sun was shining and colour was all around...walking amongst these amazing magnolia trees pictured below felt very healing to me, surrounded by beautiful blooms high and low...I stayed amongst them for ages! Can you spot the enormous bumble bee hoovering above the tree? He was gorgeous!

These magnolias are magnificent...such an inspiration...and the scent, wow!

As the painting is flowing more readily, I'm making some textures to use on photographs, to give a painted effect to them...below is a magnolia macro with the texture over it and blended in photoshop...

Magnolia macro using a painted texture I made at the weekend...

In photography, I love macro, getting up close to see into hidden or previously unseen worlds...things take on a different perspective...below are my carrots, prepared and ready to juice! Something I've been trying for a while now is veg juicing, I do spinach, carrot, broccoli and red pepper, sometimes adding greens , beetroot and celery too, depending on what looks good...I have to say that I feel so different since starting this new habit, so much better, with more energy and a clearer mind...I thought my carrots looked wonderful this morning, I love orange but rarely use it in my paintings...

My carrots ready to be juiced this morning

I used RH West textures 'voyage' here to give a dreamy effect...

Below...my little rescue pup Izzy, she is a lurcher...they sleep a lot, a lot, a lot ! She is another source of inspiration to me, reminding me regularly to take a breath (and a nap!) have fun, enjoy the journey and relax more...she is a very good influence :)

Izzle pup snoozing again!

It is my hope to continue forward with more painting this week between work and I hope that you also manage some creative time through the week, I do so look forward to seeing what you've been up to!

If you are on facebook, please do pop over and say hello on my Tawny Moon Studio Facebook page, I'd love some more likes for my page :) thank you for all your support, it fuels me onward each week x

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6 May 2013

Be still...

It's a wonderful thing when inspiration strikes...it comes when it comes, no amount of forcing or trying will work...and when I let go and just allow my process to unfold...it happens beautifully...things start to unfold, just like the blooms I've been witnessing around here lately...have you noticed how powerful nature is in it's beautiful rhythms? We can get caught up in the 'should be's' and the 'if only's' instead of quieting our mind and settling down inside our hearts...the only place where the truth lives 24/7...

'Be Still'   8x8" mixed media on canvas

When I'm not painting or taking pictures, I'm working as a Reiki healer and teacher...something I've been doing for over 20 years, and something that I have practised for my own healing as well as to help others...the combination of self-awareness improving (hopefully!) and working with other people, together with my passion for nature and especially, flowers, influences me in the paintings that I make...this one above is intended to be a gentle, loving reminder that the peace (and love and joy) is always to be found inside our hearts...it is there when it cannot be found elsewhere, it can be depended upon...but we do have to remember that it's there, waiting to be heard and connected with...sometimes, we just need a prompt, to take a breath, just one moment, to re-connect inside once more and to settle in our hearts once again...

White grape hyacinths...who knew?

As I walked around some of the most beautiful and peaceful gardens I know, I came across this amazing Acer below, full of warm tones and pretty shaped leaves, it's one of those trees that I take photo's of every year, some trees become good friends over time don't they? I sure look forward to seeing this one each spring, when it's at it's best...

The beautiful colour combinations of the acer and the blue sky

I hope that you have had a great weekend and that like me, it will fuel you through the coming week...thank you for being here and making the place feel like home :)

p.s I've just heard that Iron Man 3 opened this weekend...can't wait! Robert Downey Jr...a whole other kind of inspiration all of his own ;)